Please read the instructions on this page carefully to avoid losing credits. 

1) ALWAYS USE YOUR CHILD'S NAME.  Without it we cannot credit your account or reschedule your class.  

2) Cancel if you, your child or any family member has been SICK the week within 5 days of your class.  No credit will be taken, no make up needed - this form doesn't need to be filled out ahead of time.  The day of or next day is fine.

3) We use the term "make up" to mean a different day/time than your regularly scheduled class.  You may book your own make up and we do not reply back to confirm.   Please check the schedule before doing scheduling.   ***If you you show up to a full class or wrong age group - you run the risk of not being able to attend (and a wasted trip).

You will receive an auto confirm of your submission.  If you don't, please check your spam folder and/or please email Frank directly.  If you were redirected to the "thank you" page, your form was received by us. 

**Please allow the form time to open to options after clicking one of the below choices.