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*ALL VACCINES RECOMMENDED BY THE CDC FOR YOUR CHILD'S AGE ARE REQUIRED*  Please note this may vary from your doctor's suggestions or your preferences but we require all recommended by CDC (including the MMR, Hep A and Hep B depending on your child's age). If you have a question about this, please email:

  • You must submit at least one hour before class time.
    • A free trial form submission with your signature (which you can do with your cursor on a computer or with your finger on a smartphone.  *Please use your mobile phone number in the form. Your signature must appear on the form clearly. 
    • Your child's vaccination report.  You may have access online or you may have to call your doctor for a copy.  If you don't have it now, schedule your free trial for when you have it.
    • You or your doctor may send the vaccines by uploading directly from the Free trial form, by sending to or by fax at: 323-446-7348.  You may also bring them to class but we strongly advise sending them ahead of time so you don't forget! ;)
    • Please adjust your email options to accept emails from
    • Please read our policies before attending.  If you do not, please do not be upset with us for credit loss or a wasted trip down if you can't get in.