How it works

Age Groups

How do I get a free trial?: Use our FREE TRIAL FORM. You will get an instant confirmation as well as a copy of your submitted form emailed to you.   Please upload your child's vaccinations to the form, email them to or fax to: 323-446-7348.  You may also bring them to class but we strongly recommend that you do this ahead of time.  

How long are the classes?: 40 mins for group classes, 30 mins for private lessons.

How do I sign up?:  You may pay for a series after your free trial to keep the spot. *Please note some are limited and we only hold empty spots until the end of the day of your free trial.  You may also purchase classes at our ONLINE STORE if the spot is still available (check our schedule first). 

What is your attendance policy?  Your child has a standing reservation in the class you sign up for and we expect him or her weekly unless you need to cancel.  You must cancel your class if your child or anyone in your family has been sick within 5 days of your scheduled class.  Make ups are not available during the same week for illness cancels.   When you miss a class, please fill out our cancel form (link below).

Sick Policy, Missing class and make ups. Unlike other programs we do not refer to missed classes as make ups.  With our system, you are credited automatically for the missed class as long as you fill out our CANCEL FORM.  We do not accept email cancellations as this is an automated system.   The form allows for multiple absences (for vacations, etc) and also can be used for make ups in a different time should you ever need that.

What are your sick policies? Please do not attend and use the cancel form above if you, your child or anyone in your family has been sick within 5 days of your class or free trial.  *If one sibling is sick, you must cancel both even if the other seems fine at the time.  We like to stay on the safe side. The health and well being of the kids and families that attend are our #1 priority.  We thank you in advance for your attention and diligence with them.  PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES HERE.

When do I need to cancel by and how often? You do not have to cancel in advance. Any time the day of your class is fine (or next day) but please stay in touch.  Cancel each week you have to miss or fill in the return date on the cancel form if you're going to miss several weeks, go on vacation or take a break.  There is a hold section as well if you want to pause your attendance. *If you miss 3 weeks in a row without canceling - 3 credits are taken and the rest are put on hold until we hear back from you or see you again.  You also lose your spot so again, please stay in touch!

What is a make up? A make up is a class you may need to schedule that is different than your regular day/time.  You may schedule this yourself by using the CANCEL FORM.  Please read the rules on the form carefully to avoid an unfortunate experience (like coming to the wrong age group or full class).  You will receive a confirmation automatically via email.  You will receive an error within 4 hours if we cannot accommodate your request via email. 

How do I move my class to a different day/time? It's easy!  Use our CANCEL FORM.  From the menu, choose *Basic Cancel > I want to move my class day and time (permanently or for longer than a week).  Then just fill in the info!  Poof, you're moved! :)

Can my I bring my older child to my younger child's class?  We're sorry, no.  Older siblings are not permitted in the little baby classes, however younger babies are permitted to attend in their older sibling's class. *Schedule a make up using our Cancel form in the age appropriate time for your older child.  If he/she has never been before, please send in a Free trial form and vaccines for a free class.


*IMPORTANT: We are first come, first serve and cannot hold any time without credits.The teachers will tell you the day you use your last credit. You may re-sign in class or purchase more later that day at our online store. If you do not re-sign in class or online - we cannot hold your spot past the next day.

It is VERY important to read ALL POLICIES as some affect your account.