Toddle Tunes! Music for babies, toddlers and children


Toddle Tunes® is a childhood development program that utilizes live music – the most stimulating tool that science knows of, to help your baby’s neurotransmitters connect from the brain to the hands, feet, fingers, toes and so on!

It is now confirmed after much study that your baby simply listening to classical music on recorded media just isn't enough. Hands on music making is THE KEY to unlocking the your baby's learning potential.
These benefits also apply to children with autism, mental and physical challenges, who have been guided to Toddle Tunes® by their physicians for the focus and relief of anxiety that making music provides.

Toddle Tunes® has mastered the baby music class experience making this a wonderful, warm and stimulating time for you and your child. All of which offers a stress relieving experience for the parents as well.