About Us

Toddle Tunes® is a childhood development program that utilizes live music – the most stimulating tool that science knows of, to help your baby’s neurotransmitters connect from the brain to the hands, feet, fingers, toes and so on!  **Now online only due to Covid-19, we hope to see you all in person again soon.  Check out our story when the world was 'normal'. :) 

What's Toddle Tunes all about? Have a look!

Through scientific study, we now know that between the time your baby is born, through 2 yrs old - is the most crucial development period of your child's mental, social and motor function skills. We've always known that playing live music is highly effective in this regard as we see the results everyday but now the scientific community has confirmed this. All you have to do is Google "live music, babies" and you'll find many sources with this exciting discovery.

It is now confirmed after much study that your baby simply listening to classical music on recorded media just isn't enough. Hands on music making is THE KEY to unlocking the your baby's learning potential.
These benefits also apply to children with autism, mental and physical challenges, who have been guided to Toddle Tunes® by their physicians for the focus and relief of anxiety that making music provides.
Music makes learning easier and FUN! A child having fun means that child's mind is open and engaged. That turns into to learning. Think about it... how do we learn most things growing up? By singing or a song like our ABC's and so many other rhymes that we memorize. Music is as important study tool as any other in our school systems yet possibly one of the most ignored. That's where we come in!

Toddle Tunes® has mastered the baby music class experience making this a wonderful, warm and stimulating time for you and your child. All of which offers a stress relieving experience for the parents as well.


The owners and staff are educated in music and experienced with babies. Matthew Mueller, the musical director and co-owner has his degree from Oberlin Conservatory and all staff has their degrees from various colleges as well. We are all multi-instrumental and encourage that forward. We live music every day and use it as our learning tool also. This makes a huge difference if you’re out there comparing programs. We change our curriculum each week – and do not repeat these curricula for 6 months. This keeps things fresh and new for our little students and makes it even more fun for everyone. We cover every genre and have almost every instrument you can imagine. These instruments are waiting for your baby to come and play them. We offer a free trial – which is the same as a regular class so that you can test the waters before you commit. We have a strict sickness policy but a flexible make up policy. What more could you possibly ask for?

Toddle Tunes® is THE most unique childhood learning resource in Los Angeles and in fact, won "Best of LA" in 2008 from Los Angeles Magazine. A family based business; we look forward to meeting you, your baby and your family.

Come and share the joy of music and learning at Toddle Tunes®. LA’s #1 Kids’ Music Class!

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