*IMMUNIZATION RECORDS REQUIRED. MMR REQUIRED AT 12 mos. 14 mos at the latest).   You must have a free trial form submitted and vaccines sent prior to your attendance for a free trial. 

**No smartphones or cameras permitted.  Filming our classes with a cell phone or other is strictly prohibited even from the lobby area.  To request pictures, please speak with Teacher Matthew or email Frank@toddletunes.org.  Anyone with cameras, smartphones or other devices will be asked to leave and a credit taken.

***Please do not talk or chat constantly during class time.  A small amount is okay but our program is designed to teach children there is a time for all things.  Listening is a very important part of learning.  :)

****No toys from home, including musical toys are permitted in the classroom. 

There are NO REFUNDS on class tuition.  If you break the policies and / or demand a refund for an issue that is not our fault, a $50 fee will be deducted from your refund amount.  If it's because another issue, it will be decided on a case per case agreement. 

Illness policy:  If anyone in your family has been sick within the past 5 days, we kindly ask you do not attend and use our cancel form.   Please skip the entire week as your account will be credited for the class as soon as we receive the form.  No make up is permitted the same week as an illness no residual symptoms are permitted.

Siblings Rule: If you have siblings and one is sick - BOTH must be canceled, even if the other doesn't appear to be sick. 
Excessive teething: If your child has a excessive runny noses that you suspect is from a bad teething episode: cancel & wait a full week before returning. We do not want to guess whether or not it's a cold and risk infecting other kids if it is. 

If your child has a rash that is not simple diaper rash, please cancel! 

There are NO exceptions to any part of our sick policy. **If you bring your child in while sick or with symptoms, you will be asked to leave and you will lose the credit(s) for that day.  You could also be expelled without your tuition credited back to you. 

***If you miss class, you must cancel using the cancel form.  Failure to do so can result in credit loss.  If you're missing for more than 3 weeks without canceling, you will lose 3 credits and the rest are put on file until we hear back from you.

If you want to bring a friend:  Let them know to fill out the free trial form for themselves and send in their child's vaccines before attending.  If they put your baby's name in the referred by section and they sign up, you get a free class!

Can I bring my older child to my baby's class?: Sorry, for safety & other reasons, an older child may not attend a younger child's class. You may, however bring a younger child to an older child's class if they are siblings.

If you have two children and one is older, please choose the older child's age group for your class. This is true for either a free trial or make up (*see our How It Works page).

Other policies?:

We reserve the right to charge your card on file if you are out of credits, have been notified via email but forgot to pay and send your child with a nanny. The minimum series of your class will be charged.

• We ask that you remove your shoes before entering the classroom.

• We ask for no food and drink or toys from home inside the classroom.

• Please do not change your baby's diaper in the classroom or lobby. This puts children at risk for HFM. We have a changing table in our bathroom.

• Thank you in advance by minimizing disruption such as excessive talking, texting or other smartphone activities during class time.  Our teachers teach as you parent your child.  **If your child is running or other - we ask you stop the disruption by either a time out in the lobby or leaving (depending on how long you were in class depends on if a credit will be taken or not).

• We have a zero tolerance for hitting, pushing, hair pulling, running or aggressive behavior by any child in the classroom. Although we know this is normal for some children at a young age, it is not appropriate, safe or permissible in our classroom.

• Credits expire one year from the date of your purchase.

•What is your policy for soliciting my business's service to other parents in my class? We have a strict NO SOLICITING policy. The penalty for soliciting other parents at Toddle Tunes for anything is an automatic refusal of service with NO REFUND OF TUITION. **In addition, if you own or operate a children's business of any kind and attend without letting us know and/or under false pretenses, you will be refused service with NO REFUND OF TUITION.

•We have a "no refund" policy. We offer a free trial class and your credits are good for up to a year from the date of purchase. Toddle Tunes® reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. These policies can change and it is solely the responsibility of the parent to keep abreast of our policies which are posted here and in our classroom.

• By signing up online with our form, you have agreed to all policies posted here and agree to keep abreast of our polices.

• By signing up online with our form you have released and waived any and all claims, liabilities and actions of any kind against Toddle Tunes®, Bat Music, Inc, Lisa Mueller and Matthew Mueller or any teachers hired. It is solely each parent's responsibility to read and know these policies.
**Toddle Tunes® is not responsible for any items left in the classroom. We have a lost and found section which you are welcome to go through if you feel you've left something behind. Toddle Tunes® appreciates your business. We have only a few policies that we feel are necessary for you and others sharing the classroom with you to get the most out of the classes we have to offer. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.